Four Innovative Ideas for Home Plastering

Home plastering services

If you are looking to give your home a fresh and unique look, simply by opting for one material – plaster – you will be spoilt for choice. Plaster of Paris (POP) is made from gypsum and very easy to mould into various shapes. The basic material is dry powder which has to be mixed with water to form a paste like substance. The advantage of POP is that it does not shrink after drying and hence cracks do not appear when any surface coated with POP has dried out. Artistic work and intricate designs can be imbedded on any plane with POP. It is light in weight and a highly fire resistant material, making it ideal as a coating for drywalls.

Here are four innovative ideas that you can try out in your home with plaster. Design and decide what you want and then call in professional and expert plastering services to implement it for you.

  1. For the Walls

POP is an extremely versatile material and you can use it to get the specific look that you want. Well treated plaster can give your walls a slightly worn look depicting ageless beauty or any facsimiles that you prefer – from tile finishes to exposed brick layers. Another option is to have hand crafted and hand plastered moulds on the walls, thereby giving your home an exclusive appearance. POP absorbs and takes to paints very well. You can use oils or enamel paints on the walls or leave it in its original off-white grainy look.

  1. On the ceiling

One of the most common uses of POP is false ceilings. Light boards are cut of required sizes and that is plastered with the desired coloured or white plaster. These boards are hung on ceilings to hide maze of wires and air conditioning ducts above. Beautiful moulds of POP can be attached to the boards or separate designs created out of plaster may be fixed to the board on the ceiling. False ceilings also have wide commercial use.

  1. Windows and door borders

Skirting boards can be coupled with architraves to make an innovative design for framing doors and windows. Elaborate and intricate designs can be made from POP over doors and windows. The most common here are the arches which can be complemented by exquisite floral designs or mouldings to match the interior decor. Arches are often used to add grandeur to a space and transform an ordinary room into a grand one.

  1. Fixtures and furnishings

When you think of plastering and POP it is usually about walls and ceilings. But think out of the box and give a unique look to your house with exclusive POP accessories. If you call in expert POP craftsmen, they will model tables, light scones, wall fixtures and consoles in various designs and colours to match the decor of a room. Or you can even buy prefabricated figurines in attractive colours and make them stand out against the simple off-white plaster on your walls.

Use your imagination with POP in your house and make it the envy of the neighbourhood. However, before all this, ensure that you get top reputed plasterers in your town to work for you who will be capable of turning your house into your dream home.